There are a few new rules this year so I’m sorry to all of you that like to play barefoot. Shoes are now required! Playing in socks or bare feet is now against the rules. Leave your iPod at home! No audio devices are allowed during game play unless they are used for hearing assistance. Probably more important and harder to adjust to is the change to Carries. Unintentional Carries are now completely legal. Much of the reason behind this rule change is the fact that it can only be self-called so the only player punished is the honest one. Make sure you practice now so you don’t give up points later! For those open players out there that don’t already know, all USAR sanctioned tournaments will play 2 serves. The 1 serve game will still be played for U.S. National Team qualifiers. For more information on the new rules and the 2013 USAR Rules of Racquetball check out the

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